4 - Mapping COVID-19

Let's get started

  1. Open QGIS and create a new project
    • Save your project to the map folder: name it as gis_demo
  2. Download dataset from: https://github.com/maiuchi/ASA_GIS/tree/master
    • Click "Code" button and select download ZIP
    • Data folder structure
      • ASA_GIS-master
        • data
          • tabular (save tabular data here)
          • maps (save project files and maps here)
          • vector (save shapefiles here)
          • org (original datasets)
      • This is how I organize my GIS data for any project. You do not have to have the same file structure, but be sure to keep them in order and neatly!

COVID-19 Cases

  1. Load COVID-19 dataset (covid_selected_CLN.csv) - drag from the Browser panel
    • Stuck? Check here!
    • I cleaned the modified the dataset as NYC and some counties in Missouri had a different spatial unit from counties. Also, unknown data were omitted. When you prepare/ clean spatial dataset, please be extra careful about it. Always check meta data and/ or data dictionary.
    • I took data from NYC DOH and combined it to the NYT data, because five boroughs in NYC were classified as one county.
  2. Load census boundary shapefile (census_county.shp)
  3. Check Attribute table

Mask Wearing Survey

  1. Load mask wearing survey data (mask-use-by-county.csv)
  2. Check Attribute table