8 - Map Design

When it comes to design, one of the most important things to do is to remove elements that you don't need. For today's COVID-19 cases map, the county border line is the element that we can tone down a bit. Also, when making a map layout, be sure to include the map elements as needed.

Change line width of a map

  • covid_cases -> Properties -> Symbology
    • Symbol Setting -> Simple fill
      • Stroke color: #c0c0c0, Opacity 30%
      • Stroke width: Hairline

    Map Layout

    Let's make your map distributable!
    1. New Print Layout -> Create Print Layout
      • covid_cases_county
    2. Add Map
    3. Add Label
      • Total Covid-19 Cases in the United States
      • Font - Arial 18
    4. Add Legend
      • Uncheck Auto Update
        • Remove everything, but covid_county_cases
        • Format Legend
      • Uncheck background
    5. Add North Arrow
    6. Add Source
    7. (Add scale bar)
      • If you want to add a scale bar, change the projection to EPSG: 3857

    Sample Layout